Chris Cisneros

Guitar & Saxophone Musician in Nashville, Tennessee
Guitarist and Saxophonist Chris Cisneros brings an original, fresh sound that delights and entertains.

Soon after his initial studies in Jazz saxophone, Chris found passion with the guitar. Inspired to create with both instruments, he earned recognition as a soloist in the Classical, Jazz and Rock genres. Additionally, he fulfulled his role as a the lead guitarist in a variety of bands across the country in various genres such as R&B, Funk, Modern Country, Hard Rock and Popular Rock. Chris also plays the Bass Guitar, Indian Sitar and sings.

A composer at heart, Chris melds diverse genres together into a melting pot of sizzling, spicy guitar with powerful rhythm sections and infectious grooves. Chris' debut CD, "Guitarra Contenta", is an instrumental journey that listeners enjoy and have commented , "it spans from the relaxing and peaceful to happy and energetic".

To get your copy of the entire album or individulal tracks, find Chris Cisneros (Cristobal & Latin Groove) on iTunes.


About Chris

Chris currently working on a new CD so check back soon to hear clips as they become available - thanks for listing and supporting original music!


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Phone: 843-259-1428